Lakers Trade Rumors: Raymond Felton for Steve Blake Buzz Is Nonsense

It's obvious that the Los Angeles Lakers need help at point guard. However, acquiring Raymond Felton is not the way to properly solve that problem.

Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest reported this rumor on March 4. He didn't give many  specifics, only that Steve Blake would be moved as a part of the trade.

Felton would be an upgrade over either Blake or Derek Fisher, but there's another trade that the Lakers need to really pursue.

Sam Smith of reported that a trade between the Lakers and Rockets is in the works. In the proposed deal, Pau Gasol would move to Houston and in return, Los Angeles would get Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola.

The Felton trade could be good if the Lakers think they can win a title now. They would be able to hold on to Pau Gasol and the rest of their nucleus while still improving at the point.

Although, is Felton really the guy to push the Lakers over the top?

He's averaging 6.2 assists this year, but that's not too good when you consider that Felton is also giving up the ball 2.7 times a game.

Felton is only scoring 10 a game, but you could probably argue that the Lakers won't really need him to score.

Los Angeles needs to think about the future a little bit. Felton's contract is up at the end of the year. He's making $7.5 million this year, so he'll probably be able to get at least that and then some in free agency.

This could be coming at a time when the team is trying to save what money it can to make a run at Dwight Howard.

You have to compare all of this to what the Lakers could get by trading for Lowry.

He is having a much better season than Felton, averaging 15.9 ppg, 7.2 apg and 5.3 rpg. His turnover numbers are high this year, but he's only averaged about two a game for his career.

The team could move Pau Gasol, which is clearly something the Lakers have wanted to do since the summer, and r...

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