Lakers Trade Rumors: Pursuit of Brook Lopez Smart Move for Rebuild

"The Brook Lopez era in Los Angeles."

That has a funny ring to it, no? Somebody needs to begin a new era for the Los Angeles Lakers, though, especially with Kobe Bryant set to undergo shoulder surgery, per The Associated Press (via

To his credit—as everyone expects—Bryant will attempt a comeback next season, according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

Next season, after a free-agency splurge in the offseason, continues to be the focal point.

Why not jump-start the rebuild with a player such as Lopez right now, though?

After all, the Lakers are one of a few teams in on the former Stanford star as the Brooklyn Nets look to unload his max contract. Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski shared the details earlier this month:

Lakers' faithful may cringe. A max contract, for that guy?

"That guy" averages a 14.6/6.0/1.6 slash line and a 19.07 PER, according to, on an average of 26.4 minutes per night on an 18-win team currently pressing the button that triggers the warheads.

Sure, it would be nice if a 7'0", 275-pound center averaged more than six boards per game. Just his presence beneath the rim in a long-term lens, though, would do wonders for younger players such as Julius Randle.

Speaking of the long-term outlook, let's not pretend Jordan Hill or Tarik Black is the future the Lakers want.

Hill is a journeyman going on 28 years old. Black is 23 and worth developing, but this is the Lakers, not exactly a franchise known for a traditional rebuild. Next year is the year, especially with it likely being Bryant's last hurrah, so the staff will not have the patience to wait on Black.

Besides, adding Lopez—who keep in mind, is only 26 years old—in no way prohibits the Lakers from developing Black.

For his part, Lopez made it clear recently th...

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