Lakers Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard for Rajon Rondo Trade Wouldn’t Make Any Sense

Any rumors regarding the Los Angeles Lakers sending Dwight Howard to the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo are complete nonsense.

It's a possible move that came out of almost nowhere. Ken Berger of reported the two teams have had brief negotiations about trading the two stars. Berger writes:

However, has learned that the Lakers have engaged in preliminary trade discussions with an unlikely trade partner regarding Howard: their fierce rival, the Boston Celtics. The centerpieces of the possible deal, which hasn't gained any traction, would be Howard and Rajon Rondo.

Howard has had a rather tumultuous time since moving to Los Angeles in the offseason. His contract is up at the end of the year, and there's a very real chance the big man might be playing for his third team in as many years come the 2013-14 season.

On one hand, it would make sense to trade him now and get something in return if Lakers management was confident the team couldn't re-sign Howard. That would fly in the face of everything that general manager Mitch Kupchak has said, though.

According to Chris Broussard of, Kupchak has affirmed his stance that Howard isn't going anywhere:

"I haven't talked to Danny Ainge in weeks," Kupchak told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard. "I made the statement a week or two ago that we're not going to trade Dwight Howard and that hasn't changed."

When asked if a possible Howard-for-Rondo trade was discussed when he spoke to the Celtics weeks ago, Kupchak again said no. He said at no point this season has a Howard-for-Rondo trade been discussed.

In case there were still any believers in the rumors, NBA insider David Aldridge pretty much shot down any possibility as well on Twitter:

It's the kind of deal that is exciting if only for the fact that it features two of the better players in the leag...

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