Lakers Trade Rumors: Dealing for Perry Jones III Would Be a Disaster

March 16, 2012 marked a day when the Los Angeles Lakers forced every person league-wide to utter the same phrase: "What just happened?"

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the trade deadline with the best draft situation they'd had in nearly a decade. The Buss family franchise owned two first-round draft choices, thus enabling the team to add some young legs to aid in its attempt to defend and defeat the super athletic Western Conference contenders.

Within a matter of hours, the Lakers walked away with two potential free agents and no draft picks at all.

As Sam Amico of Fox Sports reports, the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to reverse their fortunes and land a first-round draft pick by Thursday, the day of the 2012 NBA draft. As for who they're targeting, just check the Baylor roster and you'll have a fine idea.

Both Perry Jones III and Quincy Miller have become the topic of conversation in Los Angeles. Each possesses limitless potential and a low draft stock, offering hope that the Lakers could potentially strike a deal without giving up too much.

Regardless of how the deal gets done, however, one thing is blatantly obvious: Trading up for Perry Jones III would be a severe mistake.

There is no doubt that PJ3 has the potential to become a star. In fact, it's more likely that he does than it is that he fails. Nevertheless, he's far from what the Lakers need. He'd instantly become one of the most heavily-scrutinized players in a city of high demand, thus presenting yet another distraction in Tinseltown.

Jones III struggles most with his inconsistent motor, his passive nature and a clear avoidance of contact. Since two of those three traits are shared by Pau Gasol, who has become the topic of trade speculation, it's hard to imagine the Lakers bringing in a player with the same fears and negative tendencies.

As for his motor, one could argue that Kobe Bryant would be the ultimate motivator...

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