Lakers Tade Rumors: Ramon Sessions Would Be Massive Upgrade over Derek Fisher

There are still nine days until the trade deadline, so Los Angeles Lakers fans shouldn't panic yet. If the team doesn't make any progress toward acquiring a point guard like Ramon Sessions in the next few days, however, it will be time to start worrying about getting stuck with Derek Fisher.

The Lakers aren't a legitimate title threat with Fisher running the point. To say he's past his prime would be an understatement. He's basically useless at this point aside from his leadership qualities.

Sessions, who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is squarely on the team's radar, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoops World.

The Lakers have expressed significant interest in Ramon Sessions, who will likely be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. After this season, Sessions has a $4,551,626 player option that he likely won’t exercise, which is why Cleveland wants to deal him now before losing him for nothing.

Sessions' numbers won't jump off the stat sheet, but that's only because he's playing limited minutes behind rookie Kyrie Irving. When he's on the court, the former second-round pick has actually been quite efficient.

He's averaging 11 points and five assists in 25 minutes per game. A move to Los Angeles would open up a lot more playing time since the Lakers point guard position has basically been a black hole for meaningful contributions so far.

Playing alongside more talented teammates would also help. The Cavaliers have some good, young pieces, but are still a couple years away from getting back into the thick of things. And with Irving in the fold, Sessions doesn't have a path to playing time.

There's a chance he will opt out at season's end, which limits his trade value. That shouldn't stop the Lakers from pursuing him, though. He won't find a better opportunity to shine than LA, so he might have a change of heart concerning the option or give the team...

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