Lakers Silent About Shannon Brown’s Future

Another day brings another rumor about the New York Knicks' interest in Los Angeles Lakers' reserve Shannon Brown, while the Lakers have yet to make clear their plans for Brown's future.

Lakers' fans are left to assume that general manager Mitch Kupchak is sticking to his promise to resign Brown because he hasn't said his intentions are anything but that.

Brown has been the subject of plenty of speculation since the free agency period began for Los Angeles, but the intensity has increased in the past few days with rumors that Sasha Vujacic's expiring contract was being shopped.

There is still a small chance the Lakers could sign Tracy McGrady, but that scenario would likely mean their relationship with Brown was over, and Kupchak may be reluctant to trade Brown's youth for McGrady's experience.

There is also a strong possibility Brown's reluctance to come to terms with the Lakers is a result of damaged feelings from the team's failure to pay Brown what he felt was his full worth.

Brown was reportedly seeking a contract in the range of $4 million a year, but the Lakers' offer was around $2.8 million per year, and free agency prevented the two sides from establishing a compromise.

The Lakers signed Steve Blake, Theo Ratliff, and Matt Barnes in the offseason, and each player theoretically dipped into the pot Brown's contract would come from.

Unless the Lakers claim Brown's Larry Bird exception, the best deal he can probably hope for is a one year deal in which he would be an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season.

If the Knicks' rumored interest in Brown are true then the distant possibility of a sign and trade involving Brown and Vujacic for McGrady could potentially be on the table.

Before free agency began it seemed unlikely Brown would follow the path of the departed Jordan Farmar and Josh Powell, because the Lakers had stated that Brown was a...

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