Lakers Rumors: Why Los Angeles Needs Gilbert Arenas

The Lakers are one of four teams on Gilbert Arenas' wish list and they would be wise to bring him in.

It could turn out to be a public relations nightmare, but Los Angeles desperately needs help in the backcourt. Kobe Bryant is falling apart, Derek Fisher was awful last season and Steve Blake is Steve Blake.

Right now, Bryant is the only player on the roster capable of creating his own shot. There is a huge offensive burden placed upon his shoulders, which might dislocate at any time.

Kobe is playing with one hand and had to go to Germany for his latest knee operation because it isn't legal in the United States. He's also got 15 years worth of mileage on the legs that have to carry him through 66 games in 120 days.

Basically, he could crumble at any moment and miss an extended period of time. Oh, and backing him up is some guy named Andrew Goudelock.

This is where Arenas comes in.

Yes, he's just a shell of the shell of his former self, but he can still help. It wasn't that long ago that he was dropping 30 points every night with ease. 

He's not Agent Zero anymore, but I refuse to believe that all his talent just vanished.

He was terrible in Orlando last season, but played pretty well in Washington. He averaged 17.4 points, 5.6 assists and 3.3 rebounds in 21 games for the Wizards in 2010. 

He can put up similar numbers in L.A., which means the Lakers have to bring him in.

Outside of Bryant, they might have the worst backcourt in NBA history. And the only man who can help right now is Gilbert Arenas.

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