Lakers Rumors: Why Kyle Lowry Would Be Perfect Fit in LA

Rumor of a potential trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets has quietly begun to pick up steam as of late and among the names being tossed around are Lakers big man Pau Gasol and Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry. LA is in desperate need of a younger scoring point guard which makes the deal for Lowry a must.

Lowry is having a career-year averaging 14.7 points and 7.6 assists per game making him the team’s leader in assists and third-leading scorer. In LA, Derek Fisher and Steve Blake are averaging a combined total of 12.3 points and 6.4 assists per game which just goes to prove that Lowry alone is a much needed upgrade. Offensively, Lowry can provide the Lakers with another scoring presence in the backcourt alongside Kobe Bryant. Lowry could also be of value coming off the bench and leading the second rotation when Bryant and the rest of the starters are off the court. Either way, Lowry gives the Lakers a versatile guard on offense capable of scoring and distributing the basketball. The current role of Fisher and Blake on this team is to get the ball to the leading scorers and prevent turnovers. The role of Lowry would be to not only do that too, but drive the ball inside and hit shots from the perimeter while hopefully drawing attention off of Bryant and Andrew Bynum.

In terms of his defense, Lowry is a pesky defender who can keep up with some of the league’s quicker guards. His 49 steals rank fourth in the NBA this season and, once again, outweighs the combined total of 35 by Fisher and Blake. To be quite frank, Fisher and Blake haven’t been very productive, and the fact that Lowry’s stats alone compensate for more than their combined totals tells us the Lakers need help at point guard. Currently, Fisher and Blake have the difficult task of simply staying in front of the opposing team’s point guard and not allowing him to get inside or hit open jump shots. Lowry’s assignment on defense woul...

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