Lakers Rumors: Why Baron Davis Isn’t the Answer at PG for LA

Baron Davis isn't Chris Paul. But then again, he isn't Derek Fisher, either, and the Los Angeles Lakers badly need a point guard.

Davis, who was amnestied by the Cleveland Cavaliers, has now officially cleared waivers and appears ready to sign with the Lakers or Knicks. 

The Lakers may be desperate for an upgrade at the position, but the veteran Davis simply isn't the answer right now.

First of all, he's recovering from a bulging disc. Wait, no, two bulging discs. Sorry.

The extremely painful injury is going to take at least 8-10 weeks to heal and the 32-year-old isn't even guaranteed to be at full strength when he returns from that.

Thirty-two may not seem like that old of an age, but Davis' legs have a lot more miles on them than most 32-year-olds do. The last few years have clearly shown that he's slowing down.

Now, remember that this is a shortened 66-game season. In the best possible situation, Davis will return by mid-to-late February and that would mean he misses 30-35 games.

That's half of the season. Unless the Lakers can actually wait until Davis is fully healed to sign him, it's simply not worth it. 

If the Lakers are battling it out with the Knicks to sign Davis right now, they should just step back and let the Knicks deal with him. 

The injury problem alone makes Davis not worth the risk, but what about when he actually makes it on the court?

Is he really the right fit?

He's certainly an upgrade over Derek Fisher, I get that, but he's not the type of point guard the Lakers need.

B-Diddy likes to jack up plenty of shots (14.6 per game for his career) and doesn't really do it at an efficient rate (41.6 percent).

He's averaged a solid amount of assists throughout his career, but I just don't seem him fitting in the same backcourt as Kobe Bryant. They just both need too many shots. 

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