Lakers Rumors: Whispers from Los Angeles on Jeremy Lin, Goran Dragic and More

Let’s be perfectly honest as the Feb. 19 trade deadline approaches in the NBA—the big, bad Los Angeles Lakers are sellers just playing out the string for the rest of the season.

After all, they check in at an abysmal 13-37 with 12 losses in their last 13 games, including two in a row in overtime. 

Considering it is all about the future now for the Lakers, it is really no surprise that there are some rumors circulating. Here are a few of them.


Jeremy Lin

Sean Deveney of Sporting News provided an update on Jeremy Lin’s immediate future on the trade block: “He would make a good backup point guard, and the Lakers would move him if they could get an asset in return, but the market for Lin has been weak.”

The fact that Lin was Los Angeles’ headline move this past offseason probably has something to do with the team’s overall record. He would be a solid option off the bench, as Deveney mentions, but the NBA is loaded with top-notch point guards. That makes it difficult for the Lakers to win this positional battle on any given night.

On the season, Lin is averaging 10.4 points and 4.7 assists a game behind 42.1 percent shooting from the field and 36.1 percent shooting from three-point range (as of Friday evening). Again, like everything else with Lin, the numbers are solid but not spectacular. 

Lin will be a free agent this offseason, and the Lakers would love to get anything in return for him that could help them rebuild, but he just hasn’t played well enough to warrant that type of move from a contender.


Jordan Hill

Deveney also commented on Jordan Hill:

Early in the year, interested teams were told that Hill would not be available. That has not stopped the interest in Hill, who is averaging 12.3 points and 8.0 rebounds, and can pote...

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