Lakers Rumors: What Will Help the Los Angeles Lakers Contend for a Championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers currently sit at fifth in the Western Conference and two games back of the suddenly relevant squad who also occupies the Staples Center, the Los Angeles Clippers. While they have won seven of their past 10 games, it would be difficult to find any Lakers fan who thinks the purple and gold have had an above-average season.

There has just been something off with Los Angeles this season. They are certainly a playoff team, but by no means a legitimate championship contender at this point. However, playing in Tinseltown will always mean a number of rumours swirling around the franchise. Who will stay? Who will go? And what can the Lakers do to improve their chances at postseason success?

An interesting story was released this week by ESPN about the Lakers allegedly trying out Gilbert Arenas. This is certainly an interesting one and may sound kind of desperate to some Lakers fans. L.A. could certainly use a proven guard on their team, and Gilbert Arenas was a star in the NBA several years ago. Unfortunately, he has garnered more negative headlines than anything in the last few years. His production on the court has severely dipped, while his behaviour off the court has mitigated his chances of regaining his All-Star status.

With a recent history of injuries, signing Arenas would come with risk, and he could just develop into another filled seat on the bench if he can not rediscover his game.

Perhaps the most prevalent rumour circling around Los Angeles right now concerns the future of Pau Gasol. He was instrumental in the back-to-back championship campaigns, but his recent struggles have created many rumours about his potential departure. The prospect of Gasol heading to the Minnesota Timberwolves was brought to the web this week by Fox Sports. A potential deal involving the arrival of Los Angeles native, rookie Derrick Williams, combined with a slate of draft picks may be tempting for the Lakers if the...

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