Lakers Rumors: Trading Pau Gasol Is Best Move for All Parties Involved

While Paul Gasol may look menacing, standing 7’0” tall and weighing in at 250 pounds, he is as soft as they come at the power forward position in the NBA.

The Spaniard is physically soft at times, but always mentally weak. It doesn’t help that he plays under the bright lights of Los Angeles and the intense, unrelenting media in the city.

With the production of Andrew Bynum up and the giant center looking like the star the franchise drafted back in 2005, the talk has increased about moving Gasol in a package that could help the Lakers with their terrible backcourt.

Gasol told ESPN Los Angeles about the weight of the trade deadline and what it’s like to see his own name:

There's talks and rumors every day. Today I was reading it was Minnesota is really interested in trying to put a good package together. Other teams are calling, and it seems like things are just waiting for the right offer to come along, for [the Lakers] to pull the trigger. It's out of my hands. It is what it is. I'd like to be here. I'd like to make this team better and get back to a championship level, but it's not up to me.

With these comments further proving that he is mentally soft, L.A. has to look at the big picture and realize that Gasol folding before the playoffs last season because of his home life is not something that the team can depend on. As good as Gasol is, it would be the best move for all parties involved if they were to trade him.

No matter what team pulls the trigger on this deal, Minnesota, Orlando or another team yet to step-up, the lights in that city won’t be as bright as Los Angeles’. Unless New York gets involved (that was a joke).

If a team wants the power forward bad enough, they will have to put together a package that will give the Lakers no choice but make the deal. For L.A. to part ways with Gasol, they need to be knocked on their butt.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers