Lakers Rumors: Signing Kevin Love Integral to LA’s Instant-Rebuild Plans

Hello, Internet patrons. What you've opened is yet another screed on the possibility of Kevin Love joining the Lakers, one of literally millions that show up when you start using your fingers on the old Google box.

It'll be far from the last, especially with the Lakers possessing a treasure trove of cap space and Love heading into unrestricted free agency.

The general gists of these Love-Lakers articles generally go through the same (albeit necessary) pattern, so let's just get it over with now. 

The Lakers are bad. Worse than they've been in the entire history of their franchise. They've won 48 games over the past two seasons. For a general frame of reference, the Lakers have won 48 or more games in 25 different seasons since Magic Johnson arrived in 1979, including a string of 12 straight. They're currently coached by Byron Scott, whose performance drew such low marks some wondered if the Lakers hired him to actively tank their season. Their best player is Kobe Bryant, an undeniable legend who has played 41 games the last two years and looked cooked before his latest season-ending injury. They share a building with the Clippers, who despite their playoff failures have three stars worthy of All-NBA distinction.

We could probably deep-dive the Lakers' downfall for thousands of words or just keep listing things for another 125-word paragraph. But yeah: Suffice it to say, the Lakers and their fans could use a reason to feel optimistic.

Love is just that.

Many will use Love's disappointing stint in Cleveland as evidence he's "not a superstar" or "not a championship-level player," but those opinions are bad and not good and you should shelve them, unless you enjoy ridicule. Love is a uniquely gifted offensive player, the proverbial stretch 4 who also has one of the league's best and most varied post games. The Cavaliers' endless array of high pick-and-rolls did ...

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