Lakers Rumors: Potential Michael Beasley Signing Carries Minimal Risk or Reward

The two words nestled together in a sentence, side by side like two baby birds waiting for their mother to come back with their morning nourishment, have become the NBA embodiment of the Yuck sticker: Michael. Beasley. 

The second overall pick in the 2008 draft, Beasley has come to represent nearly everything common fans say they would not be if given the chance to realize their dreams. Beasley, selected one pick behind Derrick Rose and with enough God-given talents to make that selection seem foolish, has squandered his every last professional chance.

There was the marijuana incident at his first event as an NBA player, the rookie symposium. There was the stint in the rehabilitation center after a series of cryptic posts on Twitter. There was the time he was pulled over with marijuana in his car in Minneapolis. Then there was the other time he was pulled over with the ganja in his car, this time in Scottsdale. The latter incident helped expedite the end of his "toxic" relationship with the Phoenix Suns.

Yet at the end of the picture Beasley has painted, one of a troubled young man whose demons crop up like an uncontrollable plague, there has always been an NBA team at the end of the rainbow hoping he's ready to get right. The Heat became the Timberwolves, who became the Suns, who became the Heat again.

If recent reports are any indication, we might be able to add the Lakers to that list.'s Dave McMenamin and numerous other outlets reported that Beasley was at the team's El Segundo, California, practice facility for a formal workout. 

"[Beasley] looked very good and he has been working out," one source said. "A tiny rust from layoff, but [he] did a good job."

Despite the positive outlook from most who saw the workout, the Lakers have not offered him a contract at this time. Beasley's representation and Heat president Pat Ril...

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