Lakers Rumors: Metta World Peace Trade Would Create Comfortable Locker Room

According to Fox Sports West, many of the Lakers would like Metta World Peace traded. Metta has created a tension-filled locker room with his antics and his trade would bring comfort to the team.

Trading Metta would be beneficial in two ways. For starters, he hasn’t had a stellar season. He’s averaging 22 minutes a game and while he’s on the court, he hasn’t been a factor. He’s averaging just four points a game.

This means that a trade could benefit the lakes Lakers by bringing in a player who comes off the bench and offers more contribution, which could help them out immensely. While Metta has had stellar seasons in the past, his inconsistency this season has hampered him and kept him from contributing to the team.

The Lakers need as much help as they can get. They are in a tightly contested Western Conference where they are in direct competition with teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder,  San Antonio Spurs and Clippers. This means they’ll need players to come off the bench and play well if they want to win pivotal playoff games.

Furthermore, trading World Peace would alleviate the team of a huge distraction. In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Peace made a dig at head coach Mike Brown by alluding to Brown’s background as a video coordinator and also by saying the coach is “all stats, I’m all feel.”

Obviously, this is a distraction the team doesn’t need.  

Ultimately, the Lakers could rid themselves of a locker room cancer by trading World Peace. In addition, by trading him, they might receive a player that comes off the bench and contributes more. When you add all the benefits up, there really isn’t a downside to trading World Peace.

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