Lakers Rumors: Losing Dwight Howard Would Be a Step in Right Direction

Saying goodbye can be hard to do, except in the case of Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fans who loved the "Dwight-mare" of last summer should get prepared, because the sequel is kicking into high gear.

When he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, it was just assumed he'd sign an extension with the team eventually. Well, the season has come and gone, and there's no new deal. Lakers fans are dealing with the very real possibility that Howard's time with the team is already over.

ESPN's Marc Stein reported that the Houston Rockets are the team poised to sign the 27-year-old center.

If the Lakers do in fact lose Howard this offseason, the franchise would be taking a step forward.

Simply put, Howard is not worth a max deal. Given his attitude and talent, he's not the kind of player to whom you commit that much money. Somebody will inevitably give a max deal to the player. Los Angeles should be smart enough to avoid it.

While no doubt a talented player and major star, Howard is limited on the court.

He's a tremendous defender and has three Defensive Player of the Year Awards to prove it. On the other end of the court, though, Howard is simply average. He doesn't have many post moves and is a terrible free-throw shooter.

Throw it all together and you get a slightly better version of Ben Wallace or Tyson Chandler.

When you look at the most talented big men of the past, Howard doesn't stack up. Here's a look at Howard's numbers compared with some of the more recent transcendent centers after they were in the league for nine years.

Granted, the traditional big man is being phased out, but Howard isn't able to impact a game like somebody with his size and talent should.

Some of that is down to his attitude.

You don't want to delve too deep into a player's psyche, because you can never truly know what is going ...

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