Lakers Rumors: Latest on Pau Gasol for Josh Smith Trade and More Buzz from L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers became the most polarizing team in the NBA when they acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard this summer. If they were able to acquire those two players while being over the cap, imagine what they could pull off during the season.

By quickly firing Mike Brown and hiring Mike D’Antoni as coach, the organization has left itself open for a number of trade rumors and plenty of speculation as to what could happen next—if the team were to drop a handful of games.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting buzz being generated out in Lakerland right now.


Possible Smith for Gasol Swap

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that the Lakers brass have held discussions on ways to entice the Atlanta Hawks to trade them Josh Smith for Pau Gasol. 

Smith is six years younger than Gasol and brings a tremendous amount of athleticism to the table, plus is widely known to be one of DH12’s closest friends in the league.

However, while the Lakers would likely do the trade in a heartbeat, Atlanta isn’t willing to give up their best player so easily. The Lakers don’t have any first-round picks to package, and there is no way that the Hawks would only consider Gasol in exchange for Smith.

Smith is in the last year of his contract, so there is a chance that he informs ATL team brass that he would like out. Rather than losing him for nothing, there’s a possibility that they trade him before the February 2013 deadline.

We’ll keep you updated right here with the latest on this potential megadeal that could see the Lakers shaking the NBA landscape once again.


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