Lakers Rumors: Latest on LeBron James and Potential D’Angelo Russell Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers' offseason is starting to take shape. With Ben Simmons all but confirming Tuesday that the Philadelphia 76ers will select him with the first overall selection, we might as well begin stitching the Brandon Ingram Lakers jersey.

Who the Lakers select at No. 32 depends on circumstance—it's likely your typical best-player-available situation, given the barren roster. Their biggest offseason questions will surround signing free-agent guard Jordan Clarkson, installing new head coach Luke Walton and moving on from the Kobe Bryant era. L.A. has enough cap room to sign at least two max-level free agents, so this might be the offseason where the Lakers finally strike gold.

Unfortunately for them, this free-agent class is filled with a lot of bronze after the top couple of guys. One particular rumor, however, gives them an outside chance of landing one of those gems. Let's take a look at that and the other major buzz floating around L.A. at the moment. 


LeBron Considering Lakers if He Bolts Cleveland?

LeBron James reached immortality Sunday night. He's unimpeachably great. Whatever remains of his career will be about adding to his legacy as one of the half-dozen greatest players in NBA history.

Bringing Cleveland a championship, in a comeback against the 73-win Warriors, is one of the greatest accomplishments in league history. LeBron has also created a situation where "The Decision" is a thing of the past; he's the beloved, conquering hero once more with nothing left to prove.

And apparently he's considering setting that all on fire to be a Laker. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's First Take threw out this rumor on the program Monday:

Let's give this news the coverage it deserves. Nope. Nah. Uh-uh. Not a chance in the world. 

We heard this in 2010. And in 2014. And some people even decided to throw this nons...

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