Lakers Rumors: Latest on Jimmy Butler Rumblings and Upcoming Roster Decisions

Failure is a tough pill to swallow for the Los Angeles Lakers, but it's one general manager Mitch Kupchak and the front office planned for while embracing the franchise's first rebuilding mode in a long time. 

While the rest of the league focuses on the NBA playoffs, the Lakers must fancy themselves sleeping giants ready to pounce. The team added a top-10 pick in Julius Randle in 2014, it might add another this year, and it may splurge on a big-name free agent to build a contender for years to come.  

As the franchise inches closer to exploding from hibernation, let's take the time to look at some upcoming roster moves the team may make, as well as the latest rumblings on one superstar the team seems to covet.


The Wes Johnson Question

Former Syracuse product Wes Johnson is one of the league's most intriguing players at this point.

At times, the 27-year-old looks like a budding superstar, scoring at will and locking down opponents. He's maddening from a consistency standpoint, which may explain the team's hesitation to bring him back heading into free agency.

Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News provides the scoop:

All of which leaves the Lakers with mixed feelings on whether they want to retain Johnson once he becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

The Lakers have not given up yet on whether Johnson will continue to grow after playing multiple positions under Mike D’Antoni (2013-14) and primarily at small forward under Scott (2014-15).

The question becomes whether the Lakers have the patience to see if Johnson can morph into a major contributor.

He averaged a career-high 9.9 points last year, up from the 9.1 the year prior, although his field-goal and three-point percentages dipped. There's no easy answer for the front office, although there must be an allure to keep around a rotat...

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