Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Kevin Love, Head Coaching Search and More

Regardless of their current state, the Los Angeles Lakers will always receive top billing on the NBA newsfeed. As the Lakers seek to rebound from their first season without a playoff berth since 2004-05, the rumor mill has swirled relentlessly around the team's possible renovations.

At the moment, the Lakers are an essentially barren organization. Assuming they use the stretch provision on Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Robert Sacre will be the only two players under contract for next season. With Bryant aging and little young talent surrounding him, Los Angeles is in the unfamiliar position of facing an uncertain future.

Given the Lakers' track record, that could change rapidly—possibly as soon as this offseason. For the latest rumors surrounding one of the NBA's most storied franchises, check out all the buzz and analysis below.


Kevin Love Update

The Lakers are in search of a new foundation for their franchise to eventually succeed Bryant. Their interest in Kevin Love has been clear for months, and Bill Ingram of suggested that the Lakers could get the first crack at wooing Love if the Timberwolves make him openly available:

It’s a poorly kept secret that the Lakers would love to make Love their next franchise cornerstone. If his contract with the Timberwolves simply expires and he goes shopping, expect his home town Lakers to be his very first stop. Of course, the Lakers are not poised to win at this juncture, and they have work to do if they expect to field a team even as good as Minnesota’s two seasons from now.

Love is just one of the free agents the Lakers would pursue, as Los Angeles has never been content to rebuild slowly. It appears the disgruntled Minnesota All-Star is their best bet to land a big name in 2014, as Grantland's NBA writer Zach Lowe believes the Love camp is serious about leav...

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