Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Kevin Durant, Nicolas Batum and Other Targets

The Los Angeles Lakers want Kevin Durant and other free agents to believe in the plan. 

But the problem isn't hard to figure out. Between the Lakers and New York Knicks, it's clear that players aren't buying into organizations based on locale or prestigious history anymore.

So while the Lakers boast historical accolades and a Hollywood setting heading into Friday's free-agency opening, a paltry 38 wins over the past two seasons has taken its toll. As a result, not all the rumblings on the rumors market surrounding the team slot into the positive category.

It's not all bad, but we cannot overlook the negative for a team that is seemingly close to putting it all together. The good news? Some players do have an interest, and general manager Mitch Kupchak and the front office seem to have a strong plan in place. Here's the latest.


Kevin Durant Update

Bad news first.

The Lakers seem stuck on the outside looking in when it comes to Durant. This wasn't a hard conclusion to come to based on the team's performance over the years. Durant probably does not want to help a rebuild or deal with comparisons to Kobe Bryant. 

Still, ESPN's Chris Broussard seemed to provide something along the lines of a confirmation:

According to's David Aldridge, Durant has six meetings lined up. One glance at the list indicates why the Lakers didn't make the cut:

Each of those teams listed is already a playoff contender. Some might ask Durant to take a pay cut (Los Angeles Clippers), and others might have plenty of question marks (Miami Heat), but all are proven organizations with proven players.

History and locale aside, the Lakers just don't have the ammo to compete right now. At best, they will have to hope Durant signs a short deal and hits the market again in 2017. By then, provided all goes well with the strong...

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