Lakers Rumors: LA’s Free-Agency Plan Is Perfect Way to Build Future

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have added an impact player through the draft, their next step to recapturing glory is playing the free-agent market. 

We know the Lakers won't be alone in that regard, especially with two game-changing talents available in LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but they are in a better position than most to play the game however they want. 

It sure sounds like that is their intention. According to's Chris Broussard, Los Angeles has two plans in place this summer in case the first one doesn't work out:

In order for the Lakers to get LeBron, they first have to meet with him, and Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times reported as of Friday that nothing was scheduled:

As for Anthony, the Lakers certainly have their sights set on him. Broussard noted in a separate piece on that they aren't on his list of preferred destinations right now, but Los Angeles' biggest star is planning a sales pitch:

Though the Los Angeles Lakers are not on Anthony's current list, Kobe Bryant plans to recruit him to the team. Bryant, who is close with Anthony, spoke to him by telephone when they were in separate parts of Europe earlier this week.

Bryant told in a text message that he plans to meet with Anthony, as well.

Let's take LeBron out of the equation, because a pairing of him and Bryant seems about as toxic as the Bryant-Dwight Howard pairing two years ago. 

Instead, let's look at the situation where the Lakers go after Anthony and, assuming he opts out of his deal, Chris Bosh. 

We know that money won't be a problem for Los Angeles, which currently has four players under contract at a total of $34.1 million, according to That gives the team approximately $29 million in salary cap space. 

Looking on the court, Bosh and Anthony are per...

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