Lakers Rumors: Lake Show Better off Keeping Pau Gasol Until Season Begins

At some point, the Lakers are going to have to move Pau Gasol. Even the most loyal Lakers fan would have a hard time arguing that they have some glaring flaws that moving a guy like Gasol would help them fix. But that point is not right now. 

According to T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times, even Gasol is all too aware that his time in Los Angeles is not long. "If the right opportunity comes along," Gasol says, "they will take advantage of it."

The right opportunity for the Lakers is not right now, not unless his name is Dwight Howard. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Howard was taken off of the trade block more than a week ago. So let's just say that Howard trade is unlikely. 

But as Simers points out, the Lakers have looked to move Gasol because he had a rough postseason stretch last year. But this is a guy whose career low in points per game was 17.6. As far as career lows go, that's pretty good. 

What that means is that when he's on the court in the regular season, he'll be consistent. Teams all over the league will see Gasol put up consistent point totals. Every solid performance is going to increase his value.

That's what the Lakers need. 

Who knows what will happen in the season? Maybe Howard will become available. Perhaps the Nets will experience trouble and put Deron Williams up. Even if none of those names free up, a trade could happen that would bring the Lakers depth, and that's what this team desperately needs.

Yes, it's all speculation at this point but over the course of the season, something is going to happen. 

When Gasol puts up consistent numbers and it becomes clear that contending teams need points from the power forward or center to contend, Gasol's value will go up.

At some point, the Lakers need to move Gasol. He will bring them either a superstar, or a collection of playe...

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