Lakers Rumors: If Dwight Howard Is Traded to Houston, He Will Still Land in LA

The trade winds are picking back up again, and word just came in that Houston is going all-in for a chance of putting Dwight Howard in a Rockets uniform. As reported by ESPN:


Rockets have sweetened their trade proposal for Dwight Howard. ESPN link w/ @chadfordinsider & all the names in play:

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) July 13, 2012  

The trade involves Houston taking back every undesirable contract off of Orlando's books while reloading them with a crop of young talent and multiple draft picks.

It was reported earlier today, via CBSSports, that Houston would use its amnesty clause on forward Luis Scola to clear up cap space for the incoming contracts which would include Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon and Glen Davis.

While this is sure to put a dent in the Lakers' plans to land Howard, one must wonder what is going on in the minds of Houston's management.

How does this move put Houston at an advantage, especially after Dwight Howard made it abundantly clear he would not re-sign with any team other than the Brooklyn Nets?

It is not like the Rockets are located in Beverly Hills or Honolulu. This is Houston we are talking about. By adding a player along with half of his former team, what will the difference be in convincing Howard to sign long term? This is reinventing his Orlando Magic experience: New team, unattractive city, terrible roster, same result.

Not only would Houston be taking on a farm full of terrible contracts, they would also be planting a nuclear bomb in any hopes they might have of building for the near future. This is evident by the fact that they would have to relinquish all the accumulated talent they acquired in this year's NBA Draft along with future draft picks.

Unless the Rockets change their future plans now, they are in for quite the r...

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