Lakers Rumors: How Metta World Peace’s Potential Departure Shapes LA’s Summer

While attempting to decode Metta World Peace's tweets can be tricky business, it would appear that he has dropped a big hint on Twitter about his plans for the offseason:

The small forward formerly known as Ron Artest doesn't provide any context to his tweet. L.A. Daily News Lakers writer Mark Medina may have the context, though:

World Peace apparently has a decision to make. As Medina points out, he could accept his $7.7 million player option for the 2013-14 season, ensuring he gets at least one more nice payday in his professional career, or he could opt out in hopes landing a long-term deal. 

However, World Peace's farewell to Los Angeles would bring to the light a third option: declining his option and hitting the open market. 

Obviously, this would be a big deal for the Lakers. Let's look at how it affects them going forward.  

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Cap Relief

The Lakers possessed the league's top payroll last season with over $100 million in salaries. Trimming down the payroll to get under the salary cap is a task that even Subway Jared couldn't pull off. 

However, World Peace's $7.7 million contract coming off the books would go a long way in getting the team as close to the luxury tax as possible. If the team is unable to re-sign Dwight Howard, that will be a huge boost to what the team is trying to accomplish. 

Other than getting under the luxury tax, it won't affect how much they're able to spend right now. Nor will it play a huge factor in their long-term spending plan. His contract was set to expire in 2014 anyway. 


The Dwight Howard Chase

World Peace leaving Los Angeles is just a small blip on the radar for the Lakers this offseason. Everything hinges on what Dwight Howard decides to do. 

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers