Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard and LA’s Most Important Targets

The Lakers’ weaknesses were exposed in the playoffs this year and, after failing to move up into the first round of the draft, the team needs to make some major moves this off-season in free agency if they are to remain a legitimate contender in 2013.

The most obvious move would be going after Dwight Howard.  However, there are a number of teams vying for the big man's talents—most notably Brooklyn, Houston and Dallas—and acquiring him is a bit of a long shot.  While these three teams have the cap space needed to sign Howard to a big contract, the Lakers have a massive payroll and would definitely need to clear up some cap space by trading Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum. 

Of course, there is always the option of trading one of these players to Orlando for the rights to Superman before he hits the open market.  If Howard is set on leaving the Magic, Orlando must accept some form of a trade in order to get something for their all-star center, much like the Nuggets did with Melo. 

If Howard hits the open market, it will be much harder for the Lakers to land the dominating big man however, so the Bynum-Howard trade seems to be the most viable for the Magic as they do not seem to be interested in the Rockets recent draft picks. 

Another interesting option for the Lakers this off-season, reported by, would be going after point guard Johnny Flynn.  Though he has struggled in his career so far in the NBA after a very promising collegiate career at Syracuse, playing for a talented team like the Lakers could drastically alter his NBA fortunes and the Lakers currently do not have a starting point guard on their roster. 

Though he has had trouble with injury in the past, Flynn is an extremely-athletic point guard who can score with ease—both with his jumper as well as his slashing ability—run the transition offense very effectively and find open shoo...

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