Lakers Rumors: Buzz on Goran Dragic, Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo Trade Aftermath

The Los Angeles Lakers are nowhere close to being members of the NBA elite, but the team continues to generate compelling storylines.

Some narratives appeal to the morbidly curious or the fans basking in schadenfreude as this once-proud franchise struggles, while others are simply the latest discussion fodder for supporters who follow the team day in and day out.

The latest intrigue from Lakerland stems from the recent postgame comments of one Kobe Bryant. The Lakers lost Sunday to the Sacramento Kings 108-101, which ended a five-game skid for DeMarcus Cousins and company.

The Lakers were right there in it until they faded down the stretch. Bryant somehow scored 25 points despite 8-of-30 shooting from the field. According to Yahoo Sports' Marc J. Spears, coach Byron Scott might have to rest Bryant for fatigue at some point:

Bryant acknowledged the possibility but refrained from giving a definitive answer on the matter, saying that it would take some time and self-assessment to come to a decision.

"It's probably not that much of an option, really," he said, via Antonio Gonzalez of The Associated Press (via "I just have to look at the body, the amount of the workload, and see how it responds."

Bryant does seem to be wearing down. He's shooting just 33.5 percent from the field in December, down from 39 percent in November, per He's also fouling and turning the ball over at a slightly higher rate this month, which could suggest an inability to keep up with the speed of play around him. On the other hand, when the Lakers play on back-to-back nights, Bryant is averaging a robust 28.5 points per game.

Scott would be wise to rest Bryant. At 8-19, the Lakers aren't even close to contending for a playoff spot in the loaded Western Conference at this point, and it could be an opportunity for players to spread their wings and prepare for life after Bryant. It would al...

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