Lakers Rumors: Antawn Jamison Will Be Signed by the Los Angeles Lakers


This just in, and according to Eric Pincus and Rick Bonnell, Antawn Jamison will be signed by the Los Angeles Lakers.


Laker fans, Rick has been in contact with Antawn/his people regularly RT @rick_bonnell: A source tells me Antawn Jamison will be a Laker.

— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) July 16, 2012  


A source tells me Antawn Jamison will be a Laker.

— Rick Bonnell (@rick_bonnell) July 16, 2012  

This also just came in from Sam Amico of FoxSportsOhio via Twitter.


For those asking, Jamison not expected to be used in sign-and-trade. Just routine free agent signing with Lakers.

— Sam Amico (@SamAmicoFSO) July 16, 2012  

While details of the deal have not surfaced to date, this cannot be better news for the Lakers who were dead last in bench production last year.

Jamison, who played with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, was highly productive at the offensive end. He averaged 17.2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game.

While he has certainly approached the twilight of his NBA career, there is no mistake that he can still be a heavy contributor next season.

Also, if Metta World Peace does not report to camp in top shape (again), Jamison can be shifted down to the small forward position, should he need to make up for World Peace's lack of production.

Last year, the Lakers were burned by teams who went with "small-ball" lineups. Antawn Jamison would give coach Brown capabilities of running this kind of lineup as well, putting opponents at a major disadvantage as the Lakers would be one of the very few teams that could feature a big or small lineup based on in-game situations.

This is yet another solid move on the Lakers' part. Well done, Mitch.


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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers