Lakers’ Ron Artest Drops Weight to Pick Up Defense

Did anyone else notice that Ron Artest looked a little hefty when the season first started. So big and immobile to the point that you questioned whether the 6′7″ forward could still dunk?

“It’s been tough on me a little bit because I’ve been trying to lose weight and do it during the season,” Artest told NBC of his waistline .

WELL, WHO THE HELL ASKED YOU TO DO THAT??? Ron Ron, you knew damn well when you inked that five-year, $34-million contract to join our championship squad that we wanted your toughness and no-help-needed D.

How do you plan on sticking LeBron if you can’t move laterally?

“When I first played I used to play at 260–268 and I was good at that weight. But I’m getting older now and I don’t think I want to play at 260 to 270 anymore,” Artest said. “I can get down. Luckily for me I’m able to. If I play at 270 I’m going to have no fat. I’m going to play at 250, I can get down to 250.

“The good thing about me at 250 is heavy, but I feel light. The other guys, at 230, 235 they probably feel heavy and out of shape. My 250 is light. My 260 is light also.”

Although his outside shot has been more inconsistent than Laker first half’s, thankfully, Artest has looked a little sleeker and a lot more mobile since recovering from a recent bout with plantar fasciitis.

Just check out what Ron Ron has done on defense against his small forward counterparts since the All-Star break:

Corey Maggette, Warriors : 4-13, 17 Points (Averages 20.3 PPG)
Paul Pierce, Celtics:  4-9, 11 Points (Averages 17.9 PPG)
Rudy Gay, Grizzlies:  7-17, 17 Points (Averages 20.1 PPG)
Shawn Marion, Mavricks:  5-11, 10 Points (Averages 11.3 PPG)
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers