Lakers Roll: Triple OT Against Phoenix, the Blake Show & New Orleans Hornets

Okay, Laker fans, let’s take a look back at the week that was, starting with the Phoenix Suns coming to town.

Triple OT?!?!?  Holy smokes Batman!!  What a ball game.  It seems like every time the Lakers and the Suns clash, it’s worth tuning in for.  Let’s start with this right now: Steve Nash and Channing Frye played an amazing game.  Those three Channing Frye free throws in OT?  Clutch.  Steve Nash—a couple of those last second passes to teammates to score including one as you’re falling out of bounds?  I mean come on! 

I was kind of feeling bad that Steve Nash doesn’t have a championship, but then I remembered that his Suns knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs a couple of times and I got over it.  Regardless, he is still Hall of Fame. 

So what can we take from this win?

Glass half empty view—gosh, that was a lot of minutes and a lot of effort against a team that is really a non-playoff threat.  It’s lucky however that the Suns disdain defense because triple OT against a team that does would have meant who knows what kind of battered and bruised Laker team.  Can you imagine a triple OT game against the Celtics?!?

Bench—lost the big lead.  This should be heavy film study for the entire second unit.  You cannot get waxed like that in the playoffs.  The team counts on you to spell the starters and minimally not fritter away big leads.  This is as good an example as any to study and learn from.  If you draw OKC in the playoffs it’s going to be a track meet just like the Suns.

Glass half full view—Lakers showed playoff level grit.  Especially the starters who were in for a larger than normal amount of time.  Another great effort from Matt Barnes.  (At least for as long as he was in.)  Great hustle, stayed moving to help crea...

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