Lakers’ Point Guard Problems Put Serious Pressure on Kobe Bryant

The point guard injuries keep mounting for the Los Angeles Lakers, putting additional pressure on a guy who has yet to play this season—Kobe Bryant.

It shouldn't be surprising, really—this is the guy who's always expected to carry the load. Bryant may possibly be coming back on Friday against the Sacramento Kings, although nobody really knows. It all depends on what happens between now and then, including practices, physical therapy and lots of ice buckets.

Bryant, of course, is attempting to come back from a ruptured Achilles tendon. The injury, which happened back in April, is one of the toughest for an athlete to overcome. It’s not any easier when you’re 35 years old with the wear and tear of 17 seasons in the NBA.

An effective return to action will require the support of surrounding teammates, especially ball-handling guards who can alleviate the pressure on Bryant. Unfortunately, the point guard ranks seem to be dwindling every day.

Consider the following:

Jordan Farmar exited Sunday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers after less than a minute of action. What first seemed like a hamstring strain turned out to be an actual hamstring tear.

Per the official Lakers press release:

Lakers guard Jordan Farmar, who was injured in the first quarter of last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, had an ultrasound test and was examined this morning by Dr. Luga Podesta. Farmar was diagnosed with a tear of his left hamstring. It is expected that he will be out approximately four weeks.

Farmar, who is back with the Lakers after winning two championships early in his career under Phil Jackson, has been logging almost 19 minutes off the bench through 18 games this season, averaging 9.2 points and 4.4 assists. Mike D’Antoni’s system has been a good fit for the former UCLA stand...

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