Lakers Offseason Tracker: Latest Trade Rumors, Free Agency News

With a bloated payroll and limited options, the Los Angeles Lakers don't figure to have an offseason marked by a flurry of free-agent acquisitions or trades. Instead, the focus will be on re-signing Dwight Howard and using the limited exceptions available under the league's collective bargaining agreement to attract one or two inexpensive role players.

The Lakers already have more than $78 million committed to player salaries in the 2013-14 season, a figure that doesn't even include the money they'd have to pay Howard in a maximum-salary deal.

So barring an unlikely trade involving Pau Gasol or Steve Nash, or an even less plausible use of the amnesty provision on Kobe Bryant, L.A. is going to have to think small.

As certain taxpayers, the Lakers have only the mini mid-level exception and the veteran's minimum to offer.

Still, these are the Lakers we're talking about. Splashy moves and intriguing rumors have a way of finding their way to Hollywood.

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