Lakers News: What Steve Nash’s Injury Means for Immediate Future

Injuries were a problem for the Los Angeles Lakers a year ago, and the same issue seems to have come up this season as well. In all likelihood, they will have to play without Steve Nash for some time.

The veteran point guard exited Sunday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves after only 13 minutes and did not play in the second half. He had already missed a couple of games this year with back issues, although he kept trying to tough it out and get himself onto the court.

Unfortunately, it seems like this latest problem will keep Nash out for much longer.

Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding provided the latest on the situation:

“It wasn’t bad enough against Houston not to play,” Nash said. The same sort of nerve problem from his back to his right hamstring and hip derailed the latter half of last season and left him pretty much stuck in neutral during the offseason.

Nash will learn more Monday after being examined by Robert Watkins, the doctor who repaired Howard’s herniated disk. It’s not nearly the first time Nash will be seeing the back specialist during his Lakers career. But it’s the first time the Lakers’ PR department has announced it, indicating the more formally serious nature of this situation.

Ding also notes that the player himself is concerned about the injury:

J.A. Adande of ESPN might have summed it up best:

With so much uncertainty surrounding a player who has had chronic back problems, you can assume he will try to stay off the court until he knows he is 100 percent healthy.

As a result, the Lakers will have to replace him in what is all of a sudden a weak starting lineup.

The good news is the replacement point guard has been in the lineup all year long. Steve Blake has been starting games for the team as a shooting guard, but he has proven in the past two games that...

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