Lakers News: Top 10 Potential Free Agents Based on Team Needs

Busy, active and engaged are all understatements in attempting to describe free agency during this year's NBA offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers have certainly played a major role and look to continue in doing so by making improvements as the team gears up for the upcoming season.

From making the biggest splash of the summer in Steve Nash to showing up in every Dwight Howard trade rumor, the Lakers are actively pursuing every avenue that would ultimately equate to an NBA championship come June.

With names being thrown around such as Grant Hill, Antawn Jamison and Brandon Rush, it is hard to not feel excited about the variety of possible outcomes regarding a revamped Lakers roster. Thus far, Mitch Kupchak and Co. have been patiently waiting for each opportune moment to poise their next attack and check-mate every team before the season even begins.

Steve Nash was the first step in Los Angeles' title quest this summer, and it only looks to be heating up from here.

It was a well known fact the Lakers unimpressively showcased the lowest scoring bench last season, so one must begin to wonder what changes will be made to provide the starting lineup with offensive backup.

Will the Lakers be considered a team of depth or will they continue to waddle in starting talent without relief?

Let's take a look at every remaining marquee free agent that has been linked to Los Angeles Lakers rumors thus far. Not only will we explore the impact they could have upon arrival, but we will also predict each player's salary and odds of landing in L.A.

Watch your step, the Lakers have some major holes to fill.


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