Lakers News: Steve Nash’s Hamstring Injury Puts LA’s Playoff Hopes in Jeopardy

As the Los Angeles Lakers continue cling to their loss-column tie for the eighth seed in the Western Conference like a toddler to his mother, the injury bug continues to strike with a venomous rage.

Kobe Bryant is dealing with a myriad of injuries, including a sprained left ankle and bone spurs in that same foot. Pau Gasol just returned on March 22 from a month-and-a-half-long stint on the injured list. Dwight Howard is still dealing with a lingering shoulder injury that has hampered him all season, and few know what “percentage” his back is at right now.

The coup de grace, though, remains point guard Steve Nash. Brought in to spur the offense of this four-headed monster, Nash’s season has arguably been the worst of any Laker—although it has been shrouded behind an avalanche of Dwight hate and Pau-pounding in the papers.

Nash has played in just 50 games this season prior to Tuesday night. He missed nearly the entire months of November and December with a shin injury and hasn’t looked like himself all season. Nash is averaging just 12.7 points and 6.7 points per game this season, at times looking like a lost weary traveler on the Lakers’ turbulent roads.

But as the Lakers built themselves back up to the .500 mark, so did Nash. His 14.5 points per game in March were his highest in any month this season, and he finally seemed comfortable in his move away from the ball. 

Alas, nothing can ever go completely right for the Lakers this season. In the midst of what was shaping up to be his second 20-plus-point performance in his last three games, Nash went down with another injury—this time a right hamstring problem. Initially thought to be a minor blip, this injury could prove anything but for the Lakers.

He played two minutes in their win over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday before exiting with discomfort. And according to Mike Trudell of Lakers...

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