Lakers News: Steve Nash Must Make Full Recovery for LA to Thrive

During a recent interview with Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, Steve Nash spoke candidly on everything from soccer and retirement to his expectations for the 2013-14 NBA season. While every word offered some form of intrigue, the key topic of conversation was health.

That's the perfect segue into the following truth: In order for the Los Angeles Lakers to thrive in 2013-14, they'll need Nash to make a full recovery.

Nash has long been revered as one of the NBA's greatest warriors, fighting through any injury he faced to help his team win. Even as he was body checked and bloodied, Nash got up, kept on fighting and carved out a legacy as an NBA legend.

Now that he's 39, however, Nash must do something different—rest when necessary and play when he's ready. It appears as if Nash understands that, now.

"It's coming along nicely," Nash said of his health. "I'm not 100 percent, but it's getting close. In the next two months for sure, but I imagine in the next 2-3 weeks I'll be 100 percent and that gives me another month [before training camp] to get even better. The fortunate thing about it is it's been mostly a nerve situation I'm dealing with and nerves take time, but I've been able to work around it and work to strengthen different areas. So, it's not like I've been waiting and waiting for something to heal. I've been waiting in one respect for the nerves to settle down, but I've also been strengthening in other areas and I've been on the court, too. So, I had a really good summer." 

"We tried the two epidurals during the playoffs and there was some release, but not completely," Nash said. "We're hoping to get to a point where we don't need to try that again because it's a little bit of a hit and hope with the epidural. There is release, so I shouldn't say hit and hope -- the doctors will be pissed at me -- there is release but it's not the cure. So, I think they'd like to settle it c...

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