Lakers News: Latest on Steve Nash’s Offensive Hopes, Pau Gasol’s Return and More

There may be no happier NBA team on the planet to see July end than the Los Angeles Lakers.

The first month of the 2013 offseason was one of turbulence, crisis and self-reflection in Los Angeles.

Don't let anyone fool you; Dwight Howard leaving for the Houston Rockets put the Lakers in perhaps the greatest state of crisis in recent franchise history. Never before had a superstar who wore purple and gold walked away on his own volition—at least not one in Howard's lofty strata.

Howard's decision was an indictment on the state of the Lakers franchise. From the players on the roster to the front office to the fanbase to the coaching staff. As much as D-12's only year in Los Angeles was a failure, he was the only building-block piece on the entire roster who wasn't more than a decade into his career.

So, it's safe to say the doldrums of August will be a welcome reprieve from the spotlight for the Lakers. They've already made their major acquisitions of the summer, insomuch as you can call Chris Kaman, Nick Young and others "major" players. Barring a completely out-of-left-field trade, the roster you see across the Interwebs is the one that will open the season in October.

What that leaves the remainder of the summer is the waiting game. The Lakers are waiting out Kobe Bryant's prognosis on his injured Achilles, Pau Gasol's knee issues and waiting to see whether chemistry issues from last season can be wiped away in training camp. 

Luckily, some of those answers have come to the forefront in the news lately. Here is a quick breakdown of the latest news and notes from the City of Angels. 


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