Lakers News: Latest on New Jerseys, Kobe Bryant’s Recovery and More

Despite a gloomy outlook for the 2013-14 season, the Los Angeles Lakers have not given up hope.

Much of that is due to superstar player Kobe Bryant’s relentless rehabilitation and desire to get back on the floor to compete for a championship after suffering a debilitating Achilles tear at the end of the 2012-13 campaign.

The Black Mamba is the heart and soul of this organization, and his willpower is giving the team’s supporters a glimpse of hope that this ragtag group of aging veterans and razor-thin supporting cast can mesh into something great.

Let’s take a look at how his recovery is going, the latest on what L.A.’s players will be sporting in terms of uniforms this year and more in Wednesday’s Lakers news roundup.


Bryant Running on Air

Kobe’s path back to the hardwood has been a transparent one, as the social-media-conscious Mamba has allowed his legion of fans glimpses into the hard work it takes to recover from an injury in the NBA at 34 years of age.

The latest look-in comes via an Instagram video of the future Hall of Famer running on an anti-gravity treadmill (h/t Eric Freeman of Yahoo! Sports).

While we’ve seen stills of Bryant shooting jumpers in the gym and discussing how he has “shattered” the normal timetable for recovery from Achilles tears, this is the first time he has shown the ability to move fluidly in a basketball-related manner.

It’s certainly a revelation, although it is hard to judge how much this actually means in terms of him getting back in uniform and actually playing when the Lakers’ season tips off on Oct. 29.

For now, we’ll have to just take this clip of Bryant putting a low amount of pressure on his legs as a positive sign and yet another milestone on the long road to a successful return.


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