Lakers News: Latest on Kobe Bryant’s Status, Julius Randle and More

Something has to change around the reeling 2-11 Los Angeles Lakers. 

That much is clear at face value, as alterations to what coach Byron Scott's team continues to do on the court and the franchise's long-term outlook seem inevitable as Kobe Bryant and Co. shrug their way through another season.

It's been a trying time for the Lakers that might only get worse as they next encounter the 15-0 Golden State Warriors Tuesday, although Bryant said concerning pulling off the upset that he'd "seen stranger things happen," according to's Baxter Holmes.

Indeed. Heading into that matchup, there's news about Scott's desire for change and a nugget about Bryant himself, so let's take a look.


Scott Expects More from Julius Randle

By most accounts, Julius Randle is playing at quite the high level given this year amounts to his rookie season after last year's campaign ended one game in with an injury. 

Over the course of 13 games, Randle is averaging 11.2 points, 8.8 boards and 0.5 blocks with a 12.85 player efficiency rating (PER), according to

For Scott, though, the film suggests his budding star takes plays off and needs to flaunt better consistency on both ends of the court. He spoke with Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times about the topic:

One thing that I've been talking with him about is just playing harder for long periods of time — trying to carry it out there for the whole time he's out there and not taking plays off. The one gift that he has, besides being able to get to the basket, is his quickness and he's got to use that to his full potential.

It's interesting Randle pops up as one of the talking points surrounding a two-win team considering the fact he's one of the lone bright spots.

Maybe the talk from Scott shouldn't be such a surprise, though. This season hasn't started as th...

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