Lakers News: Latest Buzz on Steve Nash, NBA Draft and More

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently at the beginning of what should be a long and busy offseason, with plenty of change and adjustments still to be made.

Fortunately, some things look to remain stable and unchanged, such as the team’s starting point guard.

However, there could be plenty of new faces around the organization, as the club is currently evaluating a number of intriguing prospects at the NBA Scouting Combine in anticipation of the draft.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at all the latest buzz, news and rumors surrounding the Lakers.


Steve Nash Honoring Contract

Nash may not have had the best 2012-13 campaign, but his veteran leadership, crafty passing and elite shooting will be necessary for L.A. to win a championship. It seems that the Canadian superstar realizes this as well and plans to stick with the Lakers for the remainder of his contract—which expires after the 2014-15 season.

According to Mike Beamish of the Vancouver Sun, Nash—who will be 41 at that juncture—is likely to retire after his current contract expires, but he has left the door open for a possible extension.

“There’s a chance that that could be it. A big chance,” Nash said. “But you never know how it goes, or how I’ll feel. Anything can happen between now and then.”

While the remaining $19 million or so on the deal is certainly a major incentive to hang around, Nash has yet to win a title during a long and decorated career that includes two MVP awards and eight All-Star appearances.

If the Lakers are able to sign Dwight Howard to a long-term deal and have a fully healthy Kobe Bryant back in time for the postseason, there is no doubting this franchise could go deep into the playoffs. It all depends on the health of the roster during the regular season and into the pla...

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