Lakers News: Kobe Bryant on Carmelo Anthony, Summer League Preview and More

Everyone around the NBA is playing the waiting game with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but the summer is still rolling along without them making a commitment.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, there is optimism that Anthony will come to Hollywood, but they also have another tough decision to make. Still without a head coach heading into the start of Summer League, the Lakers have more to worry about than just free-agent signings.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Kobe Bryant spoke about both of those situations at the Kobe Academy. Bryant provided his thoughts on Anthony and the potential of one coaching candidate coming to Los Angeles.

Then there's the Summer League, which begins for the Lakers on Friday against the Toronto Raptors. One player from last season is taking it upon himself to step up and lead the team in Las Vegas.

Before any official decisions are made or the Summer League starts, here's a look at the latest news from the Lakers.


Kobe Bryant Comments on Carmelo Anthony 

One of the hottest commodities on the free-agent market this offseason might potentially be coming to Los Angeles.

Anthony reportedly met with the Lakers and multiple other franchises last week, and L.A. fans are holding out hope that he'll be in purple and gold next season. As for Bryant, he doesn't have any new information from Melo, per Dave McMenamin of

Bryant is making light of the situation, but there's good reason to wonder if he has any inside information. Anthony and Bryant were teammates for Team USA and have apparently become close over the years.

Serena Winters of Lakers Nation provides more on their relationship and Bryant's thoughts on Anthony as a Laker:

As one of the faces of the franchise over the last several years, it's clear that Bryant's opinion of a player matters. But with ...

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