Lakers: L.A. Would Crush the Heat in Five and It’s Not Even Close!

I caught a little heat (pardon the pun) for a series where I examined three teams in each conference that are capable of beating both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. What I endeavor to do with this piece is to examine what would happen if those two teams were to meet in the NBA Finals next season.

I hate to spoil the burgeoning bandwagon of the Miami Heat (I've been down with the Heat since 1988, what about you guys? July 8, 2010?), but they are NOT ready to take on and successfully take out, the two-time champions. It would not be a contest, despite the LeBron James and Chris Bosh additions.

As the headline suggests, the Lakers would punish the Heat in five games. Simply put, the Heat will not be ready to defeat a team that has more OVERALL talent than they have. Also, they would be facing a team that is bigger, has better quality depth, better coaching and a player that has a stronger will than anyone on the Heat roster.

Let's examine why I say this, shall we... 

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