Lakers Insider: Byron Scott Among Many Candidates in Lakers’ Ongoing Job Search

For everyone with a "meh" reaction to the recycled veteran coaches being interviewed in this initial stage of the Los Angeles Lakers' coaching search, rest assured that it is nowhere near completion.

It might well still be Byron Scott in the end, but some fresher faces will be popping up and getting their consideration.

There are weeks yet to go in this search, and veterans Scott, Lionel Hollins and Alvin Gentry shouldn't be perceived as the "finalists" for the job just because they're getting sit-down interviews now.

Kurt Rambis and Mike Dunleavy also met with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak but not head of basketball operations Jim Buss—unlike Scott, who huddled with both Kupchak and Buss—an indication that Rambis and Dunleavy aren't necessarily serious contenders.

The basic approach from the Lakers in their search is to be thorough and thoughtful, with no time crunch and no obvious choice—unlike their rush to hire Mike D'Antoni in 2012.

Regarding Derek Fisher, certainly a more novel option given his lack of coaching experience, two people told me on Tuesday not to expect him to become the next Lakers head coach, which is no surprise. Fisher has always been unsure about the grinding life of a coach.

Also, it's entirely possible that if Steve Mills were to leave as New York Knicks general manager or a suitable front-office opening were to be made available under Knicks president Phil Jackson, Fisher might see that as a better role for him than Lakers coach.

With that said, Fisher is certainly a top candidate to be Jackson's first head coach in New York.

Those who know Fisher know that he appreciates being at the heart of a meaningful situation, including the spotlight that brings, and the Knicks job under Jackson is unique possibility.

Don't rule out the idea that if Fisher is willing to coach, he may wind up as the Oklahoma C...

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