Lakers Fan Trolls OKC Area with Audacious Black Mamba Kobe Car

The people at Reddit did what they do best and once again spotted a brilliant combination of beauty and insanity in this Lakers fan car. The only thing missing from it might be a Robert Sacre bobblehead that dances at every stop sign. 

I know what you're thinking: That car must belong to these guys. 

Well, it doesn't. At least, that's what a myriad of Internet context clues lead us to believe. 

If you take a gander at the comments section over at Reddit, you'll quickly find out that this Lakers car is actually bumping around the greater Oklahoma City area. 

Thankfully, one Reddit commenter mentioned that The Oklahoman did a story on this car's owner last year around the time of the postseason series between the Lakers and Thunder, a series the Thunder would take in five games. 

It seems that there is indeed a report over at News OK about Andre Mink and his Lakers car that is only slightly louder than Chesapeake Energy Arena around playoff time. 

Now before we continue, we have to say we are assuming this car is the same one seen around OKC a year ago sporting a different trunk design. 

Back in 2012, Mink's car featured a slogan that read, "It Don't Thunder in LA," a phrase that he claimed was extremely polarizing in a video over at News OK. 

Just like the actual Lakers, this fan car is all in with Kobe Bryant, featuring a "Black Mamba" script on the back and a license plate that reads, "KOBE."

Something tells me this particular fan thought better after the Lakers were nearly swept by the Thunder during last season's playoffs and changed the design. 

While the franchise may have lost out on Dwight Howard, it still has a huge fan in Oklahoma City. Sure, that may not win any titles for the organization, and it does little for fans residing in Los Angeles, but it's slight...

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