Lakers Fall, but Kobe Bryant Isn’t to Blame

Kobe Bryant, who walked into the conference room flustered from another outraging defeat, sat gloomily in the midst of an elimination game answering the unassuming questions at postgame interviews sarcastically and angrily.

Later, he emerged from the interview room speechless with a bitter stare then proceeded down the hallway and reflected on a 92-86 loss in Game Five of the NBA Finals.

If there’s a petulant superstar irritated in an unpredictable and startling series that the Lakers are bearing unfamiliarity by being on the verge of elimination, it’s Bryant losing his swagger and composure, despite shooting from the field brilliantly without faltering.

The Black Mamba, as we call the greatest finisher and scoring menace with four rings and the most frightening facial expression in sports, is very indignant following a loss that was considered a much-needed win, traveling back home to potentially close out an alluring series.

As the season winds down for the Los Angeles Lakers and a champion is close to being crowned, Bryant is calmly optimistic ahead of Game Six on Tuesday. He is ready to harass the Boston Celtics with his distributions and selfish ethics to score as a dictator and unstoppable force.

Meeting with the media lately, Bryant proffers merely short-answered and dissatisfying remarks about the culminating results. As anticipated, the Lakers place any road woes in perspective at home, greeted by the celebrities and non-celebs as the cast emerge from the tunnel and are introduced by the PA announcer during the players’ introduction.

It’s apparent they like the savory taste of home cooking, instead of room service. It’s obvious they are comfortable sleeping in their own beds, instead of sleeping in a luxurious suite in Boston, a hostile town where the Lakers are insulted and disliked.

For the first time in the postseason, L.A. trails 3-2 in a series and...

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