Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Renewed: You Wished Upon a Rivalry and Got It

The fiercest scorer in basketball wasn’t wearing a scowl on his face, one of the most formidable facial expressions in sports, but he was ultimately instrumental in a critical Game Six on the road.

He seemed much too earnest in a hostile environment, the atmosphere where inhospitable fans chanted unpleasantly at Kobe Bryant.

It wasn’t long ago when the Los Angeles Lakers were discombobulated and nearly delayed of returning to the NBA Finals for a rematch against the bitter rivals the Boston Celtics.

A few days ago, the defending champs were dysfunctional and portrayed as an elusive unit, gradually faltering against the competent Phoenix Suns.

In two games, the Suns embarrassingly sent a statement, smearing a reputation of the Lakers, a franchise wrapped in mystique and built with the most talent.

The second unit outplayed and outhustled Team Hollywood, the core with the greatest superstar in a modern generation since the Michael Jordan regime, were vulnerable of unsettlingly losing in an alarming upset to the Suns.

Even when the majority anointed the Lakers, putting pressure on the defending champs to repeat back-to-back resiliency, the optimist forgot and ignored the strength and heart of the Suns, never realizing that the hottest team in the desert had L.A. on the brink of elimination in a 2-2 tie.

Suddenly, the Lakers bring nothing but perseverance, energy and emotion, avoiding the ideas of futility and lapses in a moment the most admirable franchise in L.A., normally wins a championship to fortify eminence and mystique.

A town that prides itself on basketball is intrigued to witness a fascinating and intense rematch against its long-time rivals, the Boston Celtics, an antagonist the Lakers faithful loathes greatly.

So what we’re about to witness is exactly what the average basketball loyalist desired, a Lakers-Celtics rematch. Al...

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