Lakers, Buss Family Must Break Relationship with Phil Jackson

In a town where celebrities enhance their popularity by appearing in the next glamorous movie or releasing a top album with phenomenal vocals, it’s almost ridiculous that citizens residing in Hollywood embrace overexposed celebrities.

In my judgment, the timing couldn’t be better to anoint Phil Jackson as the greatest coach in NBA history, after all we are in an age where people rave so much about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus and we hear the bizarre voice of Lady Gaga take over radio airwaves.

As much as I’m curious to know why the Dodgers’ center fielder hasn’t dumped that Rihanna loser, I’d like to read the minds of the Buss family, as I am wondering why the Lakers’ organization has endorsed and stood by a petulant Phil Jackson.

Honestly, he has evoked a soft appearance on the sideline, exploiting an inadequate psychological approach and whistling for mental toughness and aggressiveness from an inert team, instead of signaling for a timeout when it is necessary to calm the team and provide rhythm to a complacent group on the floor.

The state of the Los Angeles Lakers is anything but cohesive and flawless, and even more so, they are vulnerable of collapsing prematurely as competition becomes stiffer. The defending champs evolved into a careless and lethargic franchise, fading out of contention with a soft and passive productivity.

If the Lakers win another NBA championship, the franchise will possess its 16th banner inside its luxurious venue as Jackson secures an 11th coaching title, on behalf of the bottomless and talented core.

In reality, he’s the reason for the Lakers recent struggles in what is suddenly morphing into a crisis. He’s the symbolism of L.A. sports, the one coach everyone admires heavily for uplifting an entire community when he arrived in California.

Amid the late stages of his magnificent coaching career, he h...

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