Lakers and Celtics Need to Be Combined into One Superteam Via Andrew Bynum Trade

Lakers, Celtics, combined? Yes!

The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are the two most storied franchises in NBA history. Both proud franchises consider any season that fails to end in raising another championship banner a failure.

However, both also realize that the championship window for their respective teams as currently constructed may have started to slowly close at the end of their historic 2010 NBA Finals matchup and slammed shut for good this past postseason.

In order for both the Lakers and Celtics to become legitimate NBA title contenders again, they may in fact need to trade with each other.

I'm proposing two historic enemies making one mega-trade that would give the Lakers quite possibly the most experienced and star-studded roster in the history of basketball, capable of making a strong push for a title for the next three to four years. This trade would also give the Celtics a dynamic young duo to lead them back to glory and a roster stocked with youthful talent to help them contend for a title for the next decade.

The trade I am proposing is as follows.


Los Angeles Lakers Trade

Andrew Bynum, Josh McRoberts, Steve Blake and an extended Andrew Goudelock


Boston Celtics Trade

Paul Pierce and a re-signed Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett (the duo could sign contracts with a combined starting salary of up to approximately $13.77 million in the first season)


Celtics Advantages

The above trade really could be considered a no-brainer for both teams as well as all players involved.

The Celtics would receive the best player in the deal in the 24 years young and dominant Andrew Bynum, who just happens to be the best offensive center on the planet and would relish being the first option in Beantown.

Boston would also receive a capable backup vet...

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