Lakers and Celtics: Both Down 0-2, Is LA in Better Shape Than Boston?

The LA Lakers, and the Boston Celtics.

Two of the most feared franchises in all of NBA History.

Together they've combined to win 34 total titles, and the last three in a row.  However, they've also combined to open up their current respective Conference Semifinal series' with four straight losses.

So, each down 0-2, and each 2 losses from elimination, the question is:  Who's in bigger trouble?  The Lake Show?  Or the Boys of Beantown?  

Well, to truly reach a verdict, let's turn the Basketball Court, into a Court of Law.  (With all due respect to Corbin Bernsen and William Shatner, this is the real L.A. Law and Boston Legal).

Change of Venue

After twice sinking on South Beach, the Celtics return home to Boston, where their 17 banners hang from the rafters.  On the other hand, the Lakers dropped games one and two on their floor, meaning they must now 2-step to Texas in hopes of dancing back into the series.  

On the surface, you'd assume this favors the C's.  And with a fabulous regular season home record of 33-8 - tied for 3rd best in all the NBA - clearly Boston can protect their house.   However, LA proved quite comfortable outside the confines of the Staples Center this year, with a 27-14 road record, better than all but two other teams (Miami and Dallas each went 28-13 away from their respective American Airlines home courts.) Crunch the numbers, and add up the frequent flier miles, this one's a push.  RULING:  HUNG JURY

Star Witnesses

The Lakers have one, while the Celtics must beat one.  Whether you consider Kobe Bryant or LeBron James to be the game's best (to me, it's Kobe,) the fact is both of these series will rest on the testimony of the league's top two talents, neither of whom will ever let the defense rest. 

Sure, in his illustrious career, King James hasn't always ...

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