Lakers: 23 Reasons for the Hate

From coast to coast you can find NBA fans that despise the Los Angeles Lakers.

Be it in Boston or Sacramento, it wouldn't take much to start up a "Lakers Suck" chant.

Much of this can be attributed to a case of jealousy or envy. The Lakers after all are one of the most successful franchises in sports history.

Still for many it goes beyond just their winning. There are fans that can't stand L.A.'s coaches, players, fans and in some cases the owner himself.

Fans feel the Lakers get preferential treatment from the league. They think the NBA pulls strings in order to help the Lakers win. Either by questionable referee calls or giving them first overall draft picks, the league makes sure to take care and stock pile one of their two darling franchises.

With the Miami Heat quickly climbing the ladder as the most hated team in sports, it seemed appropriate to honor the organization that currently holds that distinction.

Without further ado we now present the Top 20 reasons why NBA fans outside of L.A. hate the Lakers.

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